As part of our induction of new students to St Mary's College we conduct an annual Orientation Day that takes place in Term 4.  

In 2017 Orientation Day will be held on the Thursday 19th October 2017.

The overall aim of the day is to ensure your son’s smooth transition into St Mary’s College. We aim to ensure your son feels welcome, cared for and at home at St Mary’s College. On arrival at the College on this day we ask all new students to present themselves at the front of the Brothers’ House (West Street), at 9am where they will be met by the Deputy Principal, students and other staff. The boys then will be accompanied to the College Hall, for a short welcome from the Principal, Mr Michael Newman, followed by a full day’s orientation program.


Each year, St Mary’s College offers an Orientation Day and induction for all new students.

The aim of the day is to introduce the students to a number of aspects of St Mary's College including:

  • Travel
  • Facilities
  • Timetable and bell times
  • Peer interactions
  • Teaching staff
  • New subjects

In order to do this, a range of activities will be participated in, including:

  • Organisation of travel to and from the College by parents
  • Meeting the Principal and Staff
  • Tour of St Mary's College facilities
  • Participation in lessons
  • Timetabling and basic organisation
  • Team building activities and 'getting to know you' activities
  • Explanation of expectations of students at St Mary’s College
  • Question and answer time

Our overall aim of the day is to ensure your son’s smooth transition into St Mary’s College and a sense of feeling welcome, cared for and at home.

A barbeque lunch is provided for the boys.


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