The Universal Sign

The Universal Sign

This is the universal sign which God has given us – “a baby wrapped in swaddling clothes lying in a manger” (Luke 12:12). When you read into this sign it says:

  • An innocent baby, born into the world like each one of us
  • The love of God the father, made incarnate in the baby Jesus
  • The saviour, the Lamb of God who would take upon himself the sin of the world
  • The man who espoused love, forgiveness, acceptance and care for the lowly, anxious and merciful
  • Our loving God’s goodness made flesh
  • The God who brings us hope where peace is born.


Like the shepherds who were led to Jesus by the angel and the kings who were led to Jesus by the star, we pray that we will all be led to Jesus this Christmas. We are invited to pick up the baby Jesus from the manger, embrace Him, mutually share our love with Him and then become this love for others.

May all members of the St Mary’s College family be embraced, blessed and loved by our God made incarnate through the baby Jesus, this Christmas. Amen.

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