St Mary’s College challenges, enriches and extends students both in the classroom and outside it. Students are challenged in their everyday classrooms through differentiated instruction and extension work with their teachers. The College recognises that all students learn and progress at their own pace, and some students need a faster pace! Students undertake a self-monitored and self-driven approach to their learning and are able to undertake an inquiry approach within the classroom.

In addition to this, St Mary’s College offers numerous opportunities for enrichment for our gifted and talented students. Some of the enrichment programs and activities currently undertaken include:

  • Engineering Challenge
  • Maths Team Challenge
  • Big Science Competition
  • Debating
  • Opti-minds
  • Extension classes in English
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • ICAS competitions
  • University of New South Wales Competitions
  • Yr 11/12 RIEQ Chemistry Test
  • Accounting Challenge
  • UQ Rural Clinical School  ‘A Day in Medicine’ Experience
  • Brain Bee Challenge
  • USQ HeadStart Program

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