St Mary’s College is a Christ centred community that recognises human life is a spiritual journey in which all contribute to the enhancement of God’s kingdom on earth. The College strives to be a community that provides support to all, to realise their potential so that each boy has the opportunity to live out our College motto – Conanti Corona (the one who strives wins the crown). We seek to provide the place where the messages of Blessed Edmund Rice and the Gospel are evident and lived.

The aim of the subjects Religious Education (RE), Religion and Ethics, and Study of Religion at St Mary’s College is to develop student’s religious literacy in the light of the Catholic tradition, so that they may participate critically and effectively in the life of their faith communities and wider society. The range of student experience means a great variety of responses in class and in whole school activities. Students in RE classes are reported by teachers to be interested in topics raised and knowledge gained.

In a parallel development of faith, and in keeping with our Edmund Rice tradition students participate in regular prayer opportunities in mentor classes each morning, at the start of classes and as part of our regular College Assemblies. A diversely talented group of students are engaged in the preparation for masses and liturgy within the College. Additionally, these students and others assist with the various celebrations of various liturgies for Anzac Day, Mother’s Day and so on.
The College community also participates in Community Service activities such as fund raising for Caritas, Relay for Life, St Vincent De Paul, Rosie’s and others, demonstrating faith in action and service to others.

Throughout the year a variety of religious activities, considered a cornerstone of the curriculum are held. These include Retreats for Years 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. All of which provide valuable opportunities for students to develop their relationships with each other and their God.

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