Student Welfare

St Mary’s College provides a rich pastoral care programme which supports our students as they enter and until they exit the College. St Mary’s values positive relationships and partnerships between the College, home and community. It provides for students in a safe, caring and enjoyable learning environment and a motivating and challenging educational environment. From Edmund Rice’s life and vision, we as a college community believe in:

  • The dignity of each person
  • Seeing Christ revealed in each person
  • A clear commitment to the poor and the marginalised
  • A commitment to excellence in teaching and learning
  • Partnership with families and the local church
  • A commitment to our faith

These 6 characteristics form the foundation of our Student Welfare Program. The College strives to create the right environment that promotes the dignity of each person. St Mary’s recognises that developing the ‘whole person’ is an essential component of the educational learning process. The Charism of Edmund Rice calls us to provide academic, social and spiritual formation to the boys in our care. This can best be done in a safe and respectful community where people are willing to take risks in these areas and their opinions are valued.  For students to feel safe and secure in their environment, they need to learn the value of complying with policies and procedures and how this will better equip them for their future.

The boys are given the opportunity to commit to the poor and marginalised through our social justice programs.

They are invited to participate in the religious life of the school through masses, liturgies and modelling Gospel values through the way they live and treat other community members.

The school promotes partnerships with families through numerous social activities, committees and volunteer opportunities.

St Mary’s College is proud to be a Catholic community of learners. Each person in this community has a role to play in our education. Education does not stop when you become an adult. Education is a lifelong process. Staff learn from the God given skills and abilities of students as much as students rely on the staff for their education. Together, as a community, the College supports and empowers people to grow to be the best they can.

St Mary’s College aims to enhance the development of school environment where young men feel safe, valued, engaged and purposeful. There are a number of ways we do this, including:

  • Senior Leadership opportunities
  • Peer support
  • School camps
  • Financial support of local and international charities
  • Support and participation in local community organisations
  • Peer mentoring
  • Merit opportuntiies.
  • Social activities with surrounding colleges.
  • Participation in community activities.

Such opportunities aim to: -

  • Encourage greater respect for one another
  • Promote zero tolerance of bullying
  • Build resilience
  • Provide student leadership opportunities
  • Cater for special needs
  • Encourage support of charities
  • Recognise achievements

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