Pastoral Care

Mentor Groups

Mentor groups are at the heart of our pastoral system.  To ensure students' individual needs are met, each House is divided into mentor groups comprising of approximately 20 students. Students remain in the same group with their mentor teacher throughout their schooling at St Mary's, offering continued support and guidance throughout their journey. The relationships within each group are unique yet all groups exemplify a familial quality where our older students also mentor the younger boys in their group.

House Activities 

Under the direction of the Heads of House and mentor teachers, students are encouraged to become involved in all aspects of College life. Belonging to a House provides many avenues for students to interact on a social level,   to support each other, to learn from each other’s' strengths and weaknesses, to develop leadership skills and to actively serve the College and wider community.

Organised activities range from house liturgies and prayer, House assemblies, challenges, barbeques and break-up events; all of which aim to support a sense of  belonging and brotherhood. Our College War Cry helps extend the brotherhood felt in Houses to the whole school.

St Mary's War Cry

Blue, White, Blue
We are, we are, we are who?
St Mary's, St Mary's
Blue, White, Blue
Mullumbimby, Mullumbimby,
Mininbah Yah
Pirrakanta, Pirrakanta,
Yootenpenah Yah


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