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College Board

The St Mary’s College Board is an important and integral component of the governance of the College.  Service on the Board is an opportunity for personal growth in faith, spirituality and understanding of the vision and mission of Jesus and of Catholic Education. Board members are called to a particular ministry in Catholic Education in service to the community.

The St Mary’s College Board adopts the philosophy and practice of Collaborative Ministry and Sharing Wisdom, which are the essence of its decision making and ministry. The Board members come together for effective decision-making and action arising out of the contribution of the complementary gifts of each of the members.

The Board has six main areas of responsibility:

  • Policy making and implementation
  • Budgeting
  • Future & Master Planning
  • Communication
  • Enrolments & Curriculum provision
  • Encouraging targets of College to be met
College Board

Aims of the College Board

  • The Board collaborates with the St Mary’s College community to identify, nurture and celebrate the Special Religious Character of the school with particular emphasis on the Edmund Rice traditions.
  • The Board supports processes, developed by the Principal and school staff, aimed at improving student learning outcomes in accordance with the educational vision and mission.
  • The Board promotes Catholic education that: lives out the local Church’s education mission; strives for educational excellence and contributes to society.

The Board meets every third Monday night at 7pm in the College Board Room.

College Board Members

  • Mr Kevin Gates (Chair)
  • Mr Michael Newman (Principal)
  • Fr John Quinlan
  • Mrs Natalie Taylor
  • Mr Paul Grealy
  • Mrs Hayley Farry
  • Mr Matthew Boyd
  • Dr Judy Smeed
  • Mr Paul Ould
  • Mr Tim Hutton

Board Sub-Committees

Finance Committee
  • Mr Michael Newman (Principal)
  • Mrs Kerry Clark (Business Manager)
  • Mr Gerard Thom
  • Mr Andrew Doljanin
Future Planning Committee
  • Mr Michael Newman (Principal)
  • Mrs Kerry Clark (Business Manager)
  • Mr Tony Buckle (Maintenance Manager)
  • Mr Brian Collins
  • Mr Stephen Betros
  • Mr Joe Guerrini
  • Mr James Dixon

Contact Details

Mr Kevin Gates (Chair)
St Mary’s College
129 West Street
Toowoomba QLD 4350
Phone – (07) 46 317 333
Email –