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Social Justice

The College community demonstrates outstanding commitment to social justice and mission. The exceptional enthusiasm, energy and commitment from boys, staff and families to a number of causes exemplify the essence of the St Mary’s College spirit.

As a College in the Edmund Rice Tradition, there is a focus on the poor, the marginalised and the abandoned within and beyond our College. St Mary’s College takes seriously its responsibility to make evangelisation and justice initiatives important concerns within the boys who attend our College.

Drawn from the Gospel values of Jesus, we endeavour to offer the boys regular experiences that allow them to demonstrate:
  • Compassion
  • Community and Service
  • Justice
  • Courage and Hope
Currently at St Mary’s College the Social Justice Initiatives that exist or are supported are:
  • St Vincent de Paul Group supporting various Vinnies inspired activities
  • Minni Vinnies
  • Rosie’s Friends on the Street outreach
  • Caritas Project Compassion
  • Annual Anzac and Remembrance Day Appeals for Returned Serviceman
  • Link with YellowBridge
  • ‘Just Leadership’ Groups that seek to build awareness around current social issues and be advocates of change
  • ‘ERA for Change’, which works in conjunction with Edmund Rice schools nationwide to strategically use information to democratize unequal power relations and to improve the condition of those living in poverty or who are otherwise discriminated against.
  • PNG Immersion, which operated biannually to outreach and serve communities in rural PNG.

These important arms of the Church endeavour to meet the needs of the poor, homeless, displaced and disadvantaged peoples. These people benefit from the generosity and stewardship of the St Mary’s College students, staff and families.

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