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College Crest and Motto

The crest is a variation of the original Christian Brothers’ crest. The star is a reminder that “Those who have taught many people to do what is right will shine like stars for all eternity.” [Daniel: 12.3] As the star shines in darkness, it is regarded as the symbol of enlightenment and instruction.

Our faith is in Christ and so the star is set upon the cross, source of our inspiration and instrument of our salvation. The cross with the circle, symbol of eternity, is a Celtic cross and denotes the Irish origin of the Christian Brothers.

The open book at the top is a symbol of the aim of the school: an education of the whole person. The top motto, “Facere et Docere”, is the motto of the Brothers: “To do (to show by example) and to teach”. Christ said, “He that shall do and teach shall be called great in the Kingdom of heaven”. [Matt: 5.19]

St. Mary’s motto, “Conanti Corona”, “those who strive can achieve the crown”. The important thing is striving with both hands to achieve excellence.

This explanation has been provided by Br. John Hogan

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