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1:1 Digital Devices

St Mary’s College is pleased to offer a 1:1 ICT program for our students.

This program aims to create a technologically rich learning environment for our boys, one which leads to innovative teaching and learning. Through this program boys create a greater independence to become life long and life wide learners.

Our challenge is not only to ensure these laptops and iPads exponentially add to the enquiry and learning of the boys, but that the boys embrace this technology appropriately and always keep them in good working order.

We trust that this program can enable your son to have the most technologically beneficial learning environment possible for his future.

1:1 Digital Device Important Information

Year 5 and 6

Apple iPads used in the classroom

Parent & student information

Years 7 – 9

Apple iPads used at school and at home

Parent & student information

Year 10 – 12

HP Laptops and Apple iPad used at school and at home

Years 10 & 11 Laptop Options
Year 12 Laptop Options

All School

Open DNS

Code of Conduct and policies

Our Vision for Teaching and Learning using ICT

  • Changes in ICT means that teachers will no longer be the gatekeepers of knowledge, but will become guides to help student’s access information. As such, teachers will need to master and have access to information technology in order to manage the learning of their students.
  • ICT can allow us to better SUPPORT, encourage the students to STRIVE and thereby they SUCCEED in taking control of their digital futures.
  • Learning will be engaging and challenging, building the capacity for students to connect, collaborate and be critical thinkers.
  • Our boys will be equipped to contribute and be responsible citizens in a digital world.
  • A technology rich learning environment will provide a platform for innovative teaching and learning that is lifelong and lifewide… Anywhere, anytime!
To achieve this, St Mary’s College students will need:
  • Personal easy access to a technological device which enables them to collaborate with others for learning, work and skill development
  • Resources and abilities to gather, evaluate, create and produce relevant information and knowledge, reflect and think over those processes, and communicate effectively with others about them
Below is a checklist of contemporary skills for St Mary’s College students as 21st Century learners that are expected from the implementation of the 1-1 ICT Program:
  • Knowledge Building:
    Do students move beyond reproducing information to building knowledge, and is that knowledge cross-disciplinary?
  • Collaboration:
    Do students collaborate with other people and create interdependent work products?

  • Use of Technology for Learning:
    Do students use ICT in ways that support knowledge building, and do and learn things that could not be done without ICT?

  • Problem Solving & Innovation:
    Do students solve problems and implement their solutions in the real world?

  • Self-Regulation:
    Does the learning activity have multiple stages, and call on students to plan their work and assess their work over time?

  • Skilled Communication:
    Do students produce extended communication that is organised around a central theme and is well developed?