Enhanced Learning

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Enhanced Learning


St Mary’s College challenges, enriches and extends students both in the classroom and outside it. Students are challenged in their everyday classrooms through differentiated instruction and extension work with their teachers. The College recognises that all students learn and progress at their own pace, and some students need a faster pace! Students undertake a self-monitored and self-driven approach to their learning and can undertake an inquiry approach within the classroom.

In addition to this, St Mary’s College offers numerous opportunities for enrichment for our gifted and talented students. Some of the enrichment programs and activities currently undertaken include:

  • Engineering Challenge
  • Maths Team Challenge
  • Big Science Competition
  • Debating
  • Opti-minds
  • Extension classes in English
  • Australian Mathematics Competition
  • ICAS competitions
  • University of New South Wales Competitions
  • Year 11/12 RIEQ Chemistry Test
  • Accounting Challenge
  • UQ Rural Clinical School ‘A Day in Medicine’ Experience
  • Brain Bee Challenge
  • USQ HeadStart Program
Enhanced Learning

Learning Enrichment Hub

In keeping with the spirit and ethos of Blessed Edmund Rice, the staff of St Mary’s College strive to help all students to meet their potential. The Learning Enrichment ‘Hub’ has been established to facilitate this aim. The purpose of the ‘Hub’ is to provide a continuum of educational support for all students attending St Mary’s College.

The ‘Hub’ is staffed by a secondary Learning Support Teacher, a primary Learning Support Teacher, and an English as a Second Language Teacher. These teachers are supported our Teacher Aides, and our Indigenous Case Worker.

A key objective of the Learning Enrichment ‘Hub’ is to ensure that the specific learning needs of all students are met by school-wide support structures. These include: specialised, individualised learning programs to meet the needs of each student, small class sizes for intensive literacy and numeracy instruction, as well as ‘on-demand’ assistance from Teacher Aides when assistance and support with specific tasks or assignments is required.

‘Hub’ staff, work closely with classroom teachers to assist in the planning, implementation and evaluation of educational programming for a range of students.  Liaison occurs regularly to collaboratively plan modifications to learning outcomes to ensure that all students can fully access the curriculum. For example, ‘Hub’ staff facilitate the creation, implementation and evaluation of Education Adjustment Programs, Individual Education Programs and Individual Learning Plans. A high level of collaboration with outside agencies and specialists is also undertaken to ensure that all students are receiving the appropriate levels and modes of support.

Parent consultation is valued and staff of the ‘Hub’ welcome any contact by parents. Should you wish to discuss how the staff of the Learning Enrichment ‘Hub’ may be of assistance to your child, please phone 4631 7333.