Our Staff

College Leadership Team

Mr Michael NewmanPrincipal (on leave)M Ed, B Ec, Dip Ed, Grad Dip REnewmanm@stmaryscollege.com
Ms Charmaine CridlandPrincipal (Acting)B Ed, Dip Teachingcridlandc@stmaryscollege.com
Ms Sharon CollinsAssistant Principal Identity (on leave)M Theology, M Ed Leadership, Grad Dip Ed, B Applied Science.collinss@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Matt JahnkeAssistant Principal Student Welfare (Acting)B Ed, Cert IV TAE, Cert III Fitness, 1st Aidjahnkem@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Jessica WadeAssistant Principal Curriculum (on leave)BA, Grad Dip Ed.wadej@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Liisa HammondDeputy Principal (Acting)M Ed, B Ed, B Teaching, B Artshammondl@stmaryscollege.com 
Mr Paul GrealyAssistant Principal Identity (Acting)BTh.,BA,Grad Dip T (Sec),B Ed St.,Grad.Cert PSM,Grad.Dip.Pub.Pol.Man.,M.Pub.Admin (Management),M.Pub.Admin. (Policy), Reg Practioner PRINCE2
Mr Brendon Willocks

Assistant Principal Curriculum (Acting) 

M Learning&Dev, B Ed(Senior & Middle Schooling), Cert IV TAA, Cert IV Christian Ministry & Theology.willocksb@stmaryscollege.com 
Miss Jennifer SmeedDirector of Senior Pathways (on leave)B Ed (Sec), Grad Cert RE, M Ed, B Science.smeedj@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Eleighta HannamDirector of Senior Pathways (Acting)B Ed, B Scihanname@stmaryscollege.com
Ms Leah Dempster1:1 E Technology Co-ordinator and Director of College Improvement - Special Projects (Acting) B Computer Graphic Design, Grad Dip Teaching (Secondary)dempsterl@stmaryscollege.com

Curriculum Leaders

Mr Robert Anderson

Director of Physical Education & Sport

B Ed, Cert III Fitness, Cert IV TAA, Cert III sport & Rec (NRL)


Ms Terese Dyne

Primary Leader

B Ed (Primary), 1st Aid, CPR


Ms Liz Frame


Dip Ed, B Arts


Mrs Catherine Gillespie

Exceptional Learning 

Dip Allied Sci (Food Technology), Dip T, Grad Cert (Gifted Education), Cert III Systematic Theology


Mrs Louise Rapson

Science (Acting)

B Com (IOP), Grad Dip L&T


Mr John Parker


M Ed, Cert IV Theology, B Ed, B Architecture, B Applied Science 


Ms Kaye Picton


B Arts (Hon), Grad Dip Theology, Grad Dip Ed (Secondary), M Ed Studies, Cert III Systemic Theology, Cert III Indigenous Education.


Mr Michael Simpson

Year 5-9 (Acting)

B Ed (Senior & Middle Schooling, Maths & Mod Hist), M Ed (Leading & Managing Organsiations)


Mrs Jennifer Guild

English / Languages (Acting)

B Ed, Dip Teaching, Cert Teaching


Mr John Condon

Arts & Drama

B Theatre Arts, B Edcondonj@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Benn Tracy


B Mus, Grad Dip Ed

Mr Peter HortonMathematics (Acting)B. Eng, Grad Dip Edhortonp@stmaryscollege.com


Heads of House

Mr Sean AlbionPastoral Leader (Acting) B Ed (Senior & Middle Schooling), Cert III Fitnessalbions@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Tony KnottPurcell (Acting) and ATSI Coordinator (Acting)B Applied Science, Cert IV TAA, Cert III & IV Fitnessknottt@stmaryscollege.com 
Miss Angela CollinsBowdler  (on leave)B App Sci (HMS)/B Ed, Cert III Systematic Theologycollinsa@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Samantha ParleBowdler (Acting)M Ed, B Bus, Grad Dip Ed (Sec), Cert IV Systemic Theology, Cert IV TAA, Cert III Businessparles@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Simon McKeiverMcGoldrickB Edmckeivers@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Kerrie ConnollyWaterfordB Human Movement, Dip Ed, Cert IV Theologyconnollyk@stmaryscollege.com

Support Services

Mr Edward RussellCampus MinisterBA, B Edrusselle@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Leanne KratzmannLearning Support TeacherDip Teaching, Grad Dip Teaching Exceptional Children, Grad Dip Ed Teacher Librarian, Cert Gifted Edkratzmannl@stmaryscollege.com 
Mrs Annette MurdochPrimary Learning Support TeacherB Edmurdocha@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Andrew NielsenRTC

BA, Grad Dip Ed, PGDE Leadership, Cert IV TAA

Mrs Tanya DickensonCounsellor

B Psych, M Psych (Community & Health), M Ed (Guidance & Counselling), CDAA, MAPS

Ms Loe StanfordCounsellorM L&D, B Sciencestanfordl@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Kathy SpencerEALDCertIV TESOL, Dip Teaching Primary, B Ed (Primary), Grad Dip Arts (RE)spencerk@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Carol McGuireTeacher / LibrarianDip T, Grad Dip Applied Sciencemcguirec@stmaryscollege.com
Mr David RoySecondary Learning Support TeacherDip T, B Ed,Grad Dip Ed Admin,
Grad Dip Teaching (Exceptional Children),
Grad Cert Teaching (ASD),
M Ed (Guidance & Counselling)
Ms Jennifer MorganYear 7 CoordinatorB Arts, B Edmorganj@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Josephine JaenkeATSI (on leave)B Journalism, B Bus, Grad Dip Ed, Cert Speech Communication, Grad Cert Religious & Values Edjaenkej@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Jared Nielsen Senior Pathways CoordinatorB Ednielsenj@stmaryscollege.com

Academic Teaching Staff

Ms Philippa AlroeBA, Dip Edalroep@stmaryscollege.com
Miss Georgina BakerB Edbakerg@stmaryscollege.com
Ms Tammy BanksB Edbankst@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Judith BarbeM Ed, Grad Dip Teaching, B Artsbarbej@stmaryscollege.com 
Mrs Tamara BroughtonB Edbroughtont@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Sallyanne CallaghanB Ed, Dip Tcallaghans@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Amy CaseyMasters Ed, B Edcaseya@stmaryscollege.com 
Mr Peter ChandlerB Ed, Dip Creative Arts, Cert III Commerical Cookerychandlerp@stmaryscollege.com 
Mrs Robyn ChantlerDip T, B Edchantlerr@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Tim ConnollyBA, Dip Ed, Cert Theological Studiesconnollyt@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Phillip CutlerDip T, B Ed, Trade Qual., Cert IV TAA, Cert II Eng Pathwayscutlerp@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Robert GlasbyB Ed, Cert IV TAA, Cert III Carpentry, 1st Aidglasbyr@stmaryscollege.com
Miss Meg GoodmanGrad Dip Ed, B Artsgoodmanm@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Bill JacklinDip T, B Ed, Trade qualsjacklinw@stmaryscollege.com 
Mr David KleemanDipl Teachingkleemand@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Mitch KoinaB Edkoinam@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Brett HarkinsDip Teaching, B Ed, Grad Dip REharkinsb@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Melissa HallGrad Dip Ed, B Biotechnologyhallm@stmaryscollege.com 
Mr Adam HegartyB Ed, Cert IV TAAhegartya@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Rod HickeyDip Thickeyr@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Mitchell KeoghDip Ed, B Commercemitchellk@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Rod LoganDip T, B Edloganr@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Pat Lovett (on leave)Dip Tlovettp@stmaryscollege.com
Miss Christina MarangelliB Music, Grad Dip Edmarangellic@stmaryscollege.com
Ms Anne O'SullivanB Vis Art (Hons), Dip Edosullivana@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Shari PauliB Ed (Pri)paulis@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Cathy Pfingst pfingstc@stmaryscollege.com
Ms Sheryl PilkingtonBA, BEd, B. Soc. Wk.pilkingtons@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Leisa Radley radleyl@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Alwin Rix rixa@stmaryscollege.com
Miss Jessica SkinnerB Edskinnerj@stmaryscollege.com 
Mr Paul SnymanMasters L&D (studying), Cert IV TAA, Dip Edsnymanp@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Ashleigh SowterB Ed (Mathematics), B Sport Exercise Sciencesowtera@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Stephen SowterB Ed / Artssowters@stmaryscollege.com 
Mr Brian SteerDip T (Primary)steerb@stmaryscollege.com
Mr Nick StricklandB Edstricklandn@stmaryscollege.com
Mrs Jodie SweeneyBA Languages & Applied Linguistics, Grad Dip T&Lsweeneyj@stmaryscollege.com 
Mr Wayne WilliamsGrad Dip Ed, MBBS williamsw@stmaryscollege.com

Support Staff

Mrs Lucia Armstrong School Officer
Mr David BeauchampTrade Qual. (Fitter & Turner)Maintenance Officer
Mrs Cherrell BignellCert IV (Teacher Aide St)School Officer
Mr Tony BuckleTrade Qual. (Carpenter & Joiner), Cert IV OH&S, Fire Safety AdvisorMaintenance Manager
Mr John Bugden Cleaner
Mrs Tanya Bull Cleaner
Mrs Lisa CocksAssociate Dip BusinessSchool Officer
Mrs Cathy CollinsDipl Library & Info Services, Cert IV (Teacher Aide Studies)School Officer
Mr Stephen ConnollyB IT, Grad Dip T&LSchool Officer (IT)
Mrs Jacqui Donaldson Teacher Aide
MRs Realyn Elara Cleaner
Miss Kirsty ElliottCert III BusinessSchool Officer
Mrs Pamela FisherAdv Dip Business, Cert IV TAA, Cert IV Financial ServicesPrincipal's Assistant
Mr Robert Frame School Officer (Science Lab Asst.)
Ms Susan Gesler Cleaner
Ms Sarah GrahamDipl Hospitality, Cert III Commercial CookeryChef
Mrs Pam HanrickCert IV in Teacher Aide Studies, Dip EdTeacher Aide
Mrs Amanda Johnson  School Officer
Mrs Patricia Kelly Cleaner
Mrs Sandra Kelly School Officer (Tuckshop)
Mr Michael Keys Maintenance Officer
Mrs Cheryl KnoxCert III (Education Support)Teacher Aide
Mrs Patrina Kuhnemann School Officer
Mr Warwick LeahyB IT (App Comp Sci), First Aid certSchool Officer (IT)
Mrs Sonya LynchCPA, Dip FP, B Commerce, B Business, Cert IV TAA, Senior First AidBusiness Manager
Mrs Karen MabenCert III Library & Info ServicesSchool Officer (Library)
Mrs Loretta McErlean School Officer 
Mrs Lisa McKellar School Officer
Mrs Kim Midgley School Officer
Mrs Pam Mylonas Cleaner
Miss Mardi Parker School Officer
Mrs Leanne PetersCert IV (Education Support)Teacher Aide
Mrs Lori PottB A, Grad Dip Library & Info StudiesSchool Officer (Library)
Mrs Cate PowerCert IV Business & BookkeepingSchool Officer
Mr Tony Puhakka Teacher Aide
Mrs Lyn Quinlan School Officer (Tuckshop)
Miss Rebecca QuinnCert III BusinessSchool Officer
Mrs Angela RadloffCert III Education SupportTeacher Aide
Mrs Anne SleemanCert III EducationSchool Officer (Finance)
Mr Pat StapletonTrade Qual. (Metal Fabrication), Dip T (TAFE)School Officer
Mr Frank StrachottaCNA, MCP Srv, VCA-DCVNetwork Manager 
Mrs Andrea SweetSenior First Aid & CPRSchool Officer









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