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Class of 2020 Success

18th December 2020

St Mary’s College records AMAZING QCE and ATAR results. It has been a day for 99s!

99% of the 2020 cohort attained their QCE.

College Vice Captain and Dux, Dhairy Shah, attained a 99.90. WOW! This is an incredible achievement and a testament to Dhairy’s perseverance and diligence – what a privilege it has been to learn with you, Dhairy!

Other outstanding achievements in ATAR rankings included:

  • Craig Danckwerts: 98.50
  • Dhyey Shah: 98.40
  • Simeon Butler: 97.95

As a College we celebrate:

  • 18% ATAR above 90
  • 70% ATAR above 65

Congratulations to our 2020 cohort on your achievements. You have been a resilient, spirited and joyous cohort and we have been so privileged to share the learning journey with you.

Conanti Corona boys – keep on striving for your crown!