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Our College

Our Context

St Mary’s College is a Catholic community for the education of boys from Years 5-12. The College was established in 1899 as a Christian Brothers’ school to educate boys. The Christian Brothers are a religious order founded in Waterford in Ireland in 1802 by Edmund Rice, to educate boys as a response to social inequity. Edmund continues to call us to challenge the values of our world and make them more God-centred. Aware of God’s all abiding presence in the ‘everyday’, we respond to this awareness in right relationships of justice, presence, compassion and liberation. This sacramental consciousness leads us to prayer and liturgy, celebrating the whole of life. St Mary’s College has a rich history and tradition and a loyal Old Boys network, with many Old Boys making significant and worthy contributions to society. The Christian Brothers administered the College for 97 years and it is upon their shoulders that we stand proudly today.

Today, St Mary’s College is an Edmund Rice Associate school with 850 boys administered by the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba. Our Vision is to enable the boys at St Mary’s College to strive for excellence so as to reach their full potential to make a difference to our world. Our Mission is to provide a quality holistic Catholic education in the Edmund Rice tradition, empowering our students to be men of faith, integrity, action and excellence. St Mary’s College is achieving these aims through the implementation of its five-year Strategic Plan 2018-2022.

At St Mary’s College, we focus on and are specialists in boys’ education, providing various relevant and modern learning experiences and extra-curricular opportunities for boys. Teaching and learning is a key focus of our College, ensuring the boys learn their way, continually improving and exploring their knowledge and skills base with curiosity as the key.

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Our Philosophy

As an educational community St Mary’s fosters Christian living in the Catholic tradition. The community is committed to developing a welcoming spirit through which all community members are encouraged and challenged to develop as children of God. We are people of prayer. We often express to God and to others our thankfulness for their goodness to us. We believe that God loves us, each and every one of us without exception. This is the basis of our relationship with ourselves, others and God. It is also the basis for our educational endeavours, which develop all aspects of our being.

The College reaches out to students from diverse backgrounds. Proud of our heritage, we reach out to all, especially those who need us most, keeping alive the spirit of Blessed Edmund Rice. Our education recognises the worth, the individuality and the different needs of each person and responds positively to these. Through the experience of community, where social justice is fundamental, all are challenged academically, physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually. In an environment where the giftedness of each individual is recognised and achievement is valued, the aim for each boy is to ‘live life to the full’ (John 10:10) with Christ. We are called to excellence in all we do and to live out the College motto “Conanti Corona – the one who strives will win the crown.” This means that our aim is to encourage our boys to realise their potential by striving for excellence, so as to achieve their crown. The College values the boys giving their best effort, sportsmanship above winning, and service, rather than personal gratification.

We aim to form character in a compassionate, respectful, accepting and happy environment. Aware of our own worth and dignity, we hope to deepen our awareness of God’s unchangeable love for us, which accepts us as we are and forgives our weaknesses, challenging us to grow further. Inspired by this love, we strive to develop relationships through a celebration of our lives together and a commitment to reconciliation.

The Holy Spirit is ever present, guiding, leading, encouraging, challenging and empowering us. Staff members share this task as they assist students to learn and learn with them. Our teachings are based on our understanding of the learning needs of boys, a search for quality in content, method and procedures, and always open to improvement and seeking what is best for the students.