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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

At St Mary's College there are a variety of leadership opportunities for students in all year levels.

We believe such roles enable students to gain valuable leadership experience, grow in confidence and become responsible citizens and positive role models for others. 

Student Voice

The Student Voice concerns itself with a variety of matters related to College life including service, curriculum matters, student wellbeing issues, College facilities and the organisation of a variety of social curricular activities. Students meet regularly during breaks to discuss issues as they arise. Boys from any year level are able to apply for a position on Student Voice.

College Captains

All year 12 students have the opportunity to apply for the position of College Captain and Vice-Captain. The College Captains work closely with students, House Leaders and the College leadership, in the day-to-day running of the College. They are often the representative of the College at different functions throughout the year and are looked upon as role models for younger students.

House Captains

The House Captains role is to facilitate House based activities across all key-learning areas. They are called upon to help build House spirit, coordinate and run school sporting carnivals. They are also role models for the younger students in their House.

Leadership through service

Whilst we have a number of formal leadership positions at the College, we actively promote the need for all students to demonstrate leadership by example and through service. Many students are leaders without the formal title. Leadership is experienced through service to others in:

  • Our College Outreach Programs – Rosies
  • Involvement in our many Social Justice Programs
  • Helping to organise Edmund Rice Day, House social afternoons, interschool social afternoons
  • Being of service to others in the school community through acts of kindness, cooperation and support.

2024 Student Leaders

  • College Captain – Ethan Payne
  • College Vice-Captain – Matiop Maker
  • Academic Leader – Sebastian Seeto
  • Cultural Leader – Ned Murry
  • Identity Leader – Matthew Thom
  • Mission Leader – Nathan Ottobrino
  • Sport Leader – Yel Athian
  • Bowdler Captain – Cameron Mead and Samuel Gleeson
  • McGoldrick Captain – Hugh Howard and Patrick Muir
  • Purcell Captain – Matthew Schultz and Lucas Menzies
  • Waterford Captain – Bodhi Sharpley and Samuel Sheppard
  • Prefect – Yanojan Navaneethan, Joseph Cullen and Andrew Dennis
  • Primary Captain – Frankie Webster
  • Primary Vice-Captain (Mission, Identity & Student Voice) – Harrison Zammit
  • Primary Vice-Captain (Academic, Cultural & Student Voice) – Corben Moodie
  • Bowdler House Leader – Huddson Smith
  • McGoldrick House Leader – Louis Duce
  • Purcell House Leader – Joey Booth
  • Waterford House Leader – Drew Wilkes