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Get to know Ryan Coleman the 2023 College Dux

12th January 2024

Ryan Coleman, the St Mary’s College graduate, who achieved a 98.95 ATAR score, said he always made the effort to squeeze in his co-curricular activities in between his studies.

Whether he was performing in the college musical, captaining the senior cricket team, debating or fulfilling his school leadership role duties, Ryan said this strategy helped prevent burnout.

“I love the diverse opportunities that St Mary’s College has provided for myself over the years, giving me a sense of immense pride in the community the school has created,” he said.

“By opening yourself up you can build self-confidence, broaden your worldview and have an overall more enjoyable high school experience.”

In addition to his family and friends, Ryan said he was grateful for the support he received from his modern history teacher.

“Miss Cowen always went the extra step to help myself and my peers succeed, instilling in me amounts of self-belief that I had never had that I could achieve whatever I put my mind to,” he said.

“Not many students have a teacher who really believes in them, and that’s where I would consider myself exceedingly lucky.”

With intentions to become a forensic pathologist, Ryan said he would be relocating to Brisbane to study physiotherapy at the University of Queensland and live at a residential college campus.

Upon the completion of his honours degree, he said he wanted to sit the GAMSAT examinations to pursue medicine as a post-undergraduate pathway.

Congratulations Ryan, and all the best for the journey ahead!