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Welcome back Old Boy, David Rowe

10th September 2021

Old Boy, David Rowe has recently commenced working at St Mary’s College as a teacher!

We sat down with David to ask him a few questions:

  1. What year did you graduate St Mary’s College?

I graduated from St Mary’s College in 1998.  It was almost the graduation that never occurred though.  The year I began Year 8, the College saw an enormous amount of enrolments, in excess of 180 students.  There simply almost wasn’t enough room for me, until we pleaded with the ever-generous Mrs Mary Speering who was able to squeeze me in – I’m so glad that happened!

  1. What have you been up to since leaving school?

I attended USQ and began my Bachelor of Theatre Studies.  I graduated from this course and then completed my Bachelor of Secondary Education.  After this I acquired a position at Oakey State High School where I taught for four years.  I then moved onto Gordonvale State High School – Cairns, where I continued my career for the next 14 years.  Last year, my fiancé and I had a little baby girl, which has been an excellent addition to our lives, and it felt like a good time to return South-East Queensland and be closer to Family.  This opportunity arose at St Mary’s College with a significant teaching load of Film and TV – the stars had aligned and it’s great to be ‘home’!

  1. What is your fondest memory of SMC?

So many great memories from my schooling but I thoroughly enjoyed being appointed as the inaugural House Captain for Taylor.  This gave me the opportunity to interact with so many more students and seek to establish the strong house spirit that was needed.  This also ties in with another strong memory and that was the excellent athletic carnivals.  There was such competitive spirit, the rivalry, the colour, the spectacle, the athleticism… it had it all.  I remember throughout my schooling seeing certain events and races and knowing that these were College records – moments in time that I cherished.  It was incredible to see that there are over a dozen records from that era that still stand today.  It’s great seeing incredible moments in history.

  1. What is it like to be back as a teacher?

It’s absolutely fantastic to once again be a part of this great institution.  I love the sense of tradition and values the College stands for and this is demonstrated through the strong respect and work ethic these young men present.  Further, the place looks amazing, so much greenery to break up what once was a ‘concrete jungle’.  So many excellent additions and the infrastructure and resources are second to none.  Finally, I have felt incredibly welcomed by the professional staff here.  Everyone has been so friendly and generous with their time, advice and encouragement in helping me to settle in.  It really has been such an excellent decision to come back to St Mary’s College!